Guvernul si codurile sursa

In timp ce politica noastra este plictisitoare si paguboasa, americanii incearca sa se distreze:

de Valentine’s Day, republicanii au lansat

Si, daca tot vorbim de americani, iata, pe ABC News, un articol care merita citit :

Of all that can be learned from Obama’s victory is that the internet has made traditional top-down strategy obsolete. Future political campaigns, non-profits, corporations, and other institutions, would be wise to take notice: in an increasingly wired world, giving real power to ordinary people has become critical to the success of any organisation.

The Obama campaign understood that grassroots volunteers are far more likely to participate when they feel that they are an integral part of an organisation – rather than a resource to be used temporarily and then discarded. They achieved this by using the internet to consistently inform, engage, and empower their supporters.

Pana una, alta, cert este ca guvernul a prins sa se arate interesat de codurile sursa:

Guvernul ar putea să îşi asume răspunderea pe Coduri – surse.

Aaa, de fapt o stire “pe surse” despre codurile penale si civile? Da, asa e, dar titlul este interesant! Si, cine stie, poate le vine vreo idee… 🙂


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  1. Cristi

    Propun ca Guvernul sa bage Romania in Cartea Recordurilor cu cele mai lungi coduri sursa din lume (eventual cantatoare).

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