Romania in chiloti second hand

Poate o fi vreun defect, dar, in general, prostia celor din jur nu-mi starneste nicio reactie. Pur si simplu o ignor. Cu toate acestea, exista forme de prostie care imi provoaca un soi de revolta (pe cat de inutila, pe atat de enervanta).

Iata un exemplu: Project Brain in Underwear (oops… my bad: Project Underwear).

Project Underwear is a very simple concept: It’s goal is to collect new and gently used underwear to be distributed personally to poor children in Third World Countries like India, Ethiopia and Romania.

Si, dupa cum stim, prostia are intotdeauna nevoie de explicatii:

Although Romania is not considered a Third World country, the need for underwear still exists.

Poverty is an immense problem in Romania. Not only are the vegetable markets lacking in a variety of foods but they are lacking in quantity as well. Potatoes are the staple food for Romanians. A typical dinner menu can read: mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, fried potatoes, boiled potatoes, soup with potatoes, etc. I love potatoes so I had no problem with that . . . but it was obvious that they ate a lot of potatoes and very little of anything else.

In the mid 1960’s, one of Romania’s greatest industries was childbearing. Women were required by law to have at least five children.

The average monthly income of a Romanian is $100 – making it difficult to cope and survive. Many people live in poverty and unsanitary conditions. Winters are the worse.

A young girl came up to me and said (in very good English I may add), “This is the most beautiful underwear we have ever seen. I speak for everyone here and this is the most beautiful and lovely underwear. We have never, ever, seen underwear of this type. Thank you very much. It is all so wonderful.” Moments such as these are unforgettable and moving. What most of us take for granted are treasures to someone else.

Truly underwear, indeed…


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  1. am intels ca zicala ” jos textila” era asa, la mishto!!!
    textila nu exista, dar foloseam expresia ca sa aratam ca avem chiloti…
    pe de alta parte, criza astea ne-a cam prins fara chiloti. nici macar cu ei in vine…
    eu cred ca este o campanie bine intetinonata: ne-am kkt pe noi in ultimii ani ca suntem cei mai viteji incat nu am mai avut detergent ca sa spalam chilotii si i-am aruncat…

    campania are ca scop sa lase romania de/in kkt 😛

  2. Cristi

    Intr-adevar, un exemplu de prostie monumentala. Unde ai gasit link-ul, pe site-ul Guiness World Records??? hihihihi.

    Daca s-ar putea si ar exista posibilitatea, doamnelor si doamnelor, ar trebui sa se infiinteze o fundatie – donatie unde sa donam cate un neuron – doi pentru confratii nostri care inca (tocmai, abia) merg pe doua picioate, ca deh, si eu sunt ai nostri!

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